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About Our Products

Diagram of CISL tools including their interaction with resources and preferences

The CISL software suite will include a discovery tool connected to a personalizable global preferences database, a supported reader/player to access and customize learning materials, and a supported authoring environment to design and develop educational resources.

The CISL suite will make digital educational materials accessible, flexible, and engaging for all students. While many lesson materials are available online, these rarely take into account the needs of students with disabilities. To address this need, our three-part suite of tools ensures that all students will have access to compelling online learning opportunities. Students will be able to personalize settings to fit their needs, and the global preferences database will remember their preferences and apply them whenever they log in.

The CISL suite will include:

Screenshots of Clusive library, and open article with settings panel.

Preview our work-in-progress!

Explore a demo of Clusive, our reading tool. Clusive is a flexible, supported learning environment for students developed with the principles of Universal Design for Learning. Try out different preferences like text and background colors, text style, and an in-document glossary.

Check out our demo

Clusive is Open Source

All of the software for the Clusive Learning Environment is currently available on GitHub for open source development, improvement, and download.  Follow along with our active development process and find the latest release of our software.

Get the code on GitHub

Creating accessible resources

The partnership between ISKME and CISL has produced some exciting new developments in the space of accessible OER.

screenshot of OER Commons accessibility checker

The Accessibility Checker supports every content creator to easily build resources that are accessible to all users. 

Here are just a few of the latest developments from this collaboration:

Accessibility Checker in Open Editor. Check materials' accessibility, get suggestions and quick fixes with the Accessibility Checker in OER Commons' Open Author. Interested in learning more? Check out Open Author.

EPUB3 download option. New to OER Commons, the EPUB3 format allows users to read resources created with OpenAuthor in their favorite e-reader application, including Clusive. This format is also compatible with offline use, screen readers, and Braille displays.

What's coming next? OER resource templates to support accessibility practices and an OER Commons Hub that brings together all accessibility-related instructional materials are just two features under consideration as part of the ISKME/CISL collaboration. Together these features could support building accessible and open educational resources for all. Stay tuned for ongoing developments from this great ISKME/CISL collaboration!
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