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Equity4All: Access and the Narrative of Frederick Douglass

This session explores how a challenging core literary text, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass can be made accessible to all learners. We will use principles of UDL in combination with technology of the Clusive Learning Environment to examine how preferences and adaptivity support bringing equity to learning.

1:15PM – 12:00AM PST on Wednesday, September 23, 2020


ISTE 2020: Flexible, Accessible and Adaptive Digital Learning

Come see a demonstration of the Clusive tool and try it out yourself! With Clusive, students can adjust display settings, get support to learn new vocabulary, and adjust the complexity of text in an adaptive way.

1:00PM – 1:50PM PT on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

CISL Quarterly Updates

Did you know CISL sends out quarterly updates? The CISL Update—sent up to 4 times per year with periodic breaking news updates—is a great way to stay current with CISL research, programming development, events, and publications. You'll get the latest CAST and CISL news right in your inbox!

  • August 2020: Updates on new features on the CISL website, Clusive development, and upcoming conferences
  • June 2020: CISL response to COVID-19, video walk through of Clusive and gearing up for user-testing this summer and beta testing in the fall
  • February 2020: Updates on Clusive development, new features on the CISL website, user testing, and more

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