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Authoring Accessible OER

ISKME, the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, is a leader in the field of Open Educational Resources and manages OER Commons, the world’s leading OER repository.

The partnership between ISKME and CISL has produced some exciting new developments in the space of accessible OER.

screenshot of OER Commons accessibility checker

The Accessibility Checker is just one of the features we've developed with ISKME for their Open Author OER authoring tool.

Accessibility Checker

Assess the accessibility of your OER and get suggestions for quick fixes with the accessibility checker in Open Author from OER Commons.

Download OER as EPUB

New to OER Commons, the EPUB3 format allows users to exportread resources created with Open Author to use in their favorite e-reader application, including Clusive. This format is also compatible with offline use, screen readers, and Braille displays.

The Future of Accessible OER

As part of the ISKME/CISL collaboration, we're working on two exciting new initiatives:

Together these features will support building accessible and open educational resources for all.

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