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CISL is creating digital tools to empower students

Digital technologies can transform education. If fully harnessed, they can create opportunities for all students, especially children with disabilities. Research shows that features such as text-to-speech, flexible display options, and just-in-time vocabulary support hold great promise to support a wide range of learners.

CISL, the Center on Inclusive Software for Learning, is creating a suite of innovative tools using these promising features, and more, all designed to support the diverse needs of today’s learners.

The CISL Suite

The CISL suite will make digital educational materials accessible, flexible, and engaging for all students. This three-part suite of tools ensures that students, especially those with disabilities, will have access to compelling online learning opportunities.

The promise vs. the reality

Digital resources are available, but are they accessible? Digital materials have many benefits for schools and students, and are increasingly used, but it’s challenging to find quality digital educational materials that work with promising assistive technologies to make them accessible for all students. We are currently researching accessibility features that we plan to apply in a way that puts students in control of their learning.

More about what we’ve learned?

Work with us

Are you an educator or student interested in helping us to design CISL tools? Let us know! We are looking for small groups of students and teachers to be co-designers. Our co-designers will be part of the software development process, and their opinions will directly influence the final products. 

Get involved with project CISL!