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Research-Based Design

As we develop CISL tools, we are researching how different features may help us to support a wide range of learners’ needs. We want to know what the barriers to learning are, how they’re being addressed, and where more work is needed. Here’s what we’ve found so far.

Two images of the same article within the CISL reader environment are shown side-by-side. The article in the image on the right has letters that are more spaced out from one another, compared to the article in the left image. Above the two images a line of text reads “More or less space between letters?” with two arrows, one pointing to each image.

What features are we considering?

What digital learning supports should we prioritize in CISL tools? We’re continually reviewing research on digital learning supports. Explore different features, like adjustable line spacing and text read aloud, to find out what we have learned so far.

Learn about potential features

Bar graph of OER Repositories

How accessible are open educational resources?

To learn how accessible some of the most popular digital learning materials are, we investigated open educational resources (OERs). OERs are popular all over the world because they’re free educational materials that anyone can share, improve, remix, and redistribute. While OERs have great promise to provide accessible content, in reality few OERs realize that promise. 

Find out about accessibility in OERs

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