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Who We Are

The CISL project is a collaboration of partners located across North America, coming together to solve issues of accessibility in digital educational materials. With a combined 160 years of experience in applying technology and design to solve problems of education, equity, and accessibility, the CISL partners each bring complementary strengths to the project.

CISL Partner Organizations

Photo of CISL team members from CAST, Inc.


Pioneers in the development of Universal Design for Learning, CAST’s mission is to reduce barriers and build opportunity for all learners to succeed

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Photo of CISL team members from SRI Education.

SRI Education

Driven to address the challenges of today’s rapidly changing learning landscape, SRI applies rigorous research design and methods to large-scale and technology-infused educational innovations that will reduce barriers for all learners.

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Photo of CISL team members from OCAD


An international team of developers, designers, and researchers, IDRC brings a 25 year commitment to proactively ensure that emerging educational technologies and associated practices are co-designed inclusively and to share all work through open practices.

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Logo for the Evergreen Evaluation and Consulting (EEC)


With partners, Evergreen Evaluation & Consulting works collaboratively to develop evaluation strategies that provide ongoing formative and summative feedback that informs teams of progress and ensures the quality, relevance, and usefulness of products.

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Are you an educator, parent, or student interested in impacting the software development process? Let us know! We are looking for students and teachers to co-design with us. Your feedback, ideas, and opinions will make a real difference for learners in the 21st century.

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