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About Our Software

Screen capture of Clusive recommendation panel.

CISL’s software product, Clusive™, is designed to provide users with a “digital backpack” that helps learners—particularly those with disabilities and other learning needs—use digital materials in a flexible, engaging, accessible, and empowering way.

At its most basic level, Clusive is an adaptive, web-based reader that scaffolds accessibility and learning supports around digital content. But unlike many other e-readers, Clusive puts learners in the drivers seat. Learners can choose the display preferences that work best for them, and can save those preferences for when they log in again, or until they want to test a different set of display features and supports.

Clusive’s adaptive onboarding experience helps guide new account holders to test features in a student-centered, non-intimidating way. Our adaptive features also give learners personalized vocabulary support—each user has their own word bank that helps them track the presence of vocabulary they’re learning across everything they read in Clusive. Once the learner is confident they have added a new word into their vocabulary, they can stop Clusive from highlighting the word by moving that word into the “learned” section of their word bank—in this way, providing ongoing evidence of growing mastery and motivation for further work.

Another hallmark of Clusive’s flexibility is our approach to content. Many e-readers for students take an all-or-nothing approach to content: either there is a built in library with no ability to read/import different files, or you can import files but there is no content available to you our your learners from the first moment you create an account.

Discovery support diagram for personal learning preferences

Clusive offers a both/and solution to this content dilemma. We've built a rich Central Library for you that includes:

But wait, there's more! Clusive also allows you to import your own content so your learners can access the texts you want to share with them.

We're adding more options for content import and authoring in the weeks to come. We plan to expand the number of file formats accepted, allow authoring for customized supports and scaffolds, and integrate upload and collaboration features within Clusive's Central Library.

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