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Build With Us

Students, teachers, and parents, we need your input to make sure CISL tools meet your needs. Impact software development as a partner in the design process by experimenting with features and giving your feedback.

Photo of people participating in a design activity

Students participate in a paper and sketching design exercise. 

Inclusive process

We anticipate that CISL users will vary in respect to ability, gender, race, comfort with technology, primary language, and many other factors, and so we co-design with partners, including students, teachers, and parents, that reflect this diversity.

Ways to get involved

Whatever your interest, there's a way for you to get involved with the CISL project. Together we will transform the digital learning landscape so that everyone has a chance to engage in and succeed in digital learning.

Our goal is to design tools that provide access for all learners, especially those with disabilities, to engaging, high-quality digital learning materials. To do this, we need you! Here are options for ways you can participate.

Co-design: We are also always looking for students, especially middle-schoolers with an IEP, 504 Plan, or who receive accommodations for an identified disability, to do virtual user tests of our software and prototype designs. These are quick and fun, and give us a chance to see how well existing features work and which new features might be useful to add.

students trying out program on ipads and paper mock-ups

Call for Beta testers Fall 2020

Test and give feedback on CISL tools. Our biggest need right now is to find several middle school English or Social Studies teachers (grades 6-8), whose classes include students with disabilities, who would like to use Clusive in their teaching and talk with us about how it works and how it could be better. Stipends are available.

More options: Here’s the full menu of ways to get involved

Stay informed:

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