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Build With Us

Photo of people participating in a design activity

Students participate in a paper and sketching design exercise.

The CISL team has worked with over 100 parents, teachers and students to make sure that design and features respond to our users’ needs and priorities. As we continue to add new features to the tool, we still welcome feedback. Our goal is to design tools that provide access for all learners, especially those with disabilities, to engaging, high-quality digital learning materials. Clusive® can only grow with your help!

Inclusive process

We appreciate that Clusive users will vary in ability, gender, race, comfort with technology, primary language, and many other factors. We're seeking feedback from across Clusive’s user community, including students, teachers, and parents, that reflects this diversity.

Ways to get involved

Whatever your level of interest, there's a way for you to get involved with the CISL project. Together we will transform the digital learning landscape so that everyone has a chance to engage in and succeed in digital learning.

Participate on your own.
When you sign up for an account, you’ll have chances to answer the satisfaction questions that pop up as you use Clusive®. You can also volunteer to fill out more detailed user surveys to give richer feedback.

Provide individual or small group feedback.
Sometimes we conduct focus groups or one-on-one interviews with users to get feedback about existing features and future development priorities for Clusive. 

Choose your level of involvement.

  • Be a teacher, student, or parent tester/co-designer. Participate in a 30–40 minute session via video conferencing.
  • Be part of a teacher focus group.
  • Use Clusive® with your students for a few sessions. Have your students read one or two of the short, high-interest articles that are available in the Clusive library. These articles include multiple reading levels and are great for launching discussion and debate.
  • Beta-test our software with your students over a longer period of time and experience learning and growth as students use Clusive. With this option, you can use the Clusive library content and we will work with you to add additional content that you would like to make available for your students. Use Clusive for a few weeks or longer—whatever works for you!

Stay informed

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