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Curious about the Clusive reader? Learn more about this flexible and adaptive learning environment in this short introductory video.

Clusive is a free, online accessible reading and learning environment where learners access digital learning materials using their preferences in a flexible, customizable digital reader. Even more, Clusive supports learners to build self-awareness and promotes each learner to know, choose, and use the unique set of settings and supports that build their learning skills. With Clusive, users get insights on their personal strengths and challenges, and use these insights to customize their learning experiences. For instance, a user can adjust font style, line, and letter spacing to suit their goals and needs. Or maybe a user learns better with a dark background color, smaller text size, or with the built in glossary feature on. Developed with the principles of Universal Design for Learning, Clusive supports you, the user, by providing options, making clear, data-based suggestions, and by giving you, the user, the ultimate control for your personal preference settings. 

Clusive has a library full of learning materials, including vocabulary-rich, leveled versions of high-interest texts for middle school learners from SERP’s Word Generation, historical biographies from the Library of Congress’ Meet Amazing Americans series, and full-length public domain books. Learners can try out settings and discover their preferences while engaging with this high-quality learning content. And coming soon, users will be able to add and share their own accessible, flexible library items.

Even more exciting work is currently underway: the Clusive tool is currently in beta as the CISL team continues to develop new features. Check back to see how the tool continues to grow!

Sketches of a student using the Clusive in two different contexts

Adaptivity & Expert Learners

Clusive uses adaptive learning solutions to help build expert learners with features built exclusively to be adaptive and flexible.

Learn more about adaptive features

Screenshots of Clusive library, and open article with settings panel.

Try out Clusive

Explore Clusive, our free, accessible, adaptive learning environment. Try out different displays and settings, discover your preferences for text and background colors, text style, use an in-document glossary, and see how Clusive adapts with your changing skills and knowledge.

Read with Clusive

screen grab of the Clusive GitHub page. Shows text and links to open-source code for the Clusive tool.

Use the code

All of the software for the Clusive Learning Environment is open source and available on GitHub for open source development, improvement, and download.  Follow along with our active development process and find the latest release of our software.

Download the code on GitHub

students trying out program on ipads and paper mock-ups

Become a beta tester

Test and give feedback on CISL tools. Beta-test our software with your students to see learning and growth as students use Clusive. Are you interested in working with us?

Fill out the inquiry form

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