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Clusive Quick Start for Teachers

Welcome to Clusive®️!

We’re excited to partner with you to support your students in discovering strengths, interests, and tools that will best help them reach their learning goals. Here are a few quick steps that will help you and your students get the most out of using Clusive.

Step 1: Watch the Clusive Overview Video

Screenshot of the Clusive login screen with the teacher overview video highlighted
This Clusive overview video will give you and your students a quick overview of the features and tools that you can use in Clusive.

Step 2: Sign Up for Clusive

Screenshot of the Clusive login screen with the login area highlighted

To create an account

  1. Go to our login page and log in with your Google account. Or, click the Create a free account link. Fill in the required information.
  2. Complete your registration by responding to the email sent to you by Clusive.

Step 3: Create Classes and Add Students

Screenshot of the Clusive dashboard with the Manage tab circled

After you log in, you can create classes and add your students.

Screenshot of the Add Class page

To import classes with Google Classroom

  1. On your teacher Dashboard, click the Manage link at the top of the page.
  2. Click +Add Class (you may need to use the class pulldown menu to find the Add Class link).
  3. Click import class from Google Classroom.
  4. Choose your Google Classroom Account.
  5. Accept permissions for to access your account information.
  6. Select the class you would like to import.
  7. Confirm import.
  8. Your classes and students have now been imported into Clusive.
  9. When your students first sign into Clusive, instruct them to use the Sign in with Google button.

To create classes and students manually:

Create classes

  1. On your teacher Dashboard, click the Manage link at the top of the page.
  2. Click +Add Class (you may need to use the class pulldown menu to find the Add Class link).
  3. Name this class period. Note: Students added to this class will see the class name.
Screenshot of the Add User page

Add students

  1. After you have created one or more classes, you can add students.
  2. From the Manage link, go to a class.
  3. For each student
    1. Click + Add Student
    2. Fill in the required information
    3. Click Save

Step 4: Assign Clusive Library Readings to Classes

Screenshot showing how to assign and customize a title for a class

Go to the Clusive Library

  1. Look through the items in the library.
  2. Filter the library by clicking Show filters and selecting topics or word counts.
  3. Use Search to find specific authors, titles, topics and more.

Assign a reading with your class

Ok, you’ve found a title you want a class to read. Now what?

  1. On the Library tile, find and click on the three dots at the lower right of the tile.
  2. Select Assign.
  3. Check the class that you want to read that title. That’s it!

Public Readings, Class Readings, and Uploaded Readings

  1. Public readings: Public Readings are titles added into Clusive by the project team.
  2. Class readings: In addition to Public readings, each class you create can have its own library of titles. Use the View pulldown menu on the Library page to see the different readings you have assigned to each class.
  3. Uploaded Readings: You can upload your own titles to Clusive. Use the View pulldown menu and select Uploaded Readings. Click + Add Reading and follow the steps to upload files into Clusive. You can also share these with your student(s).

Step 5: Check Your Teacher Dashboard

Screenshot of the Clusive teacher dashboard showing student data

Your dashboard will show you data about what students in each class are doing, how they are feeling, and the most active topics and titles read by each class. Click on “Details” and view how they have answered comprehension questions. In the Active reading time panel, you’ll even be able to get data on reading time, tool use, vocabulary lookups, reactions, and more. Check out the dashboard often for information on each class and individual students. Use Dashboard data to inform your own teaching, as well as student learning. The more your students use Clusive, the more everyone grows in skills, and understanding of how they learn best.

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