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Equity for all: Access and the Narrative of Frederick Douglass


Thursday, August 6, 2020

1:00PM – 2:00PM ET

CAST UDL Symposium

Lynn McCormack and Kristin Robinson, CAST

Conference Attendees


The Clusive Learning Environment is being designed for students with learning differences. In this session we will explore how a challenging core literary text can be accessible to all learners. This session will start with an overview of the tool as well as content as it is expected that not all participants may be familiar with the material or the technology.

To actively engage participants, we will work in small theme-based “lightning” groups to explore aspects of the materials and technology through a variety of lenses. Each group will work for approximately 10 minutes to determine what aspects of the materials and technology might help or challenge students with learning differences, and then move on to a new theme-based group. While participants will be able to reflect on this particular material, they will also be encouraged to think about other lessons, scenarios, or environments and apply the insights to their own curriculum. We will gather ideas during each breakout session both electronically as well as using sticky notes.

The last portion of this session will be a group discussion of ways of applying insights to current practice.

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