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The CISL suite will make digital educational materials accessible, flexible, and engaging for all students. While there are many lesson materials available online, these rarely take into account the needs of students with disabilities. To address this need, our three-part suite of tools ensures that all students will have access to compelling online learning opportunities. Students will be able to personalize settings to fit their needs, and the global preferences database will remember their preferences and apply them whenever they log in.

Diagram of CISL tools including their interaction with resources and preferences

The CISL suite will include:

Preview our work-in-progress!

Explore a demo of our Read tool, a flexible, supported learning environment for students. Try out different preferences like text and background colors, text style, and an in-document glossary.

Check out our demo

Adaptive tools build expert learners

Adaptive learning solutions provide learners with content and supports tailored to their individual learning needs.

Sketches of students using the CISL suite

The goal of the UDL framework is to create expert learners: people who understand how they learn best, and who effectively use available resources to support their learning.

So, how will CISL use adaptive learning solutions to help build expert learners? CISL tools will: