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Build With Us

Students and teachers, we need your input as we build CISL tools to make sure they meet your needs. Impact software development as a partner in the design process by experimenting with features and giving your feedback. Our goal is to design tools that provide all students, especially those with disabilities, with access to engaging, high-quality digital learning materials. To do this, we need you.

Photo of people participating in a design activity

Students participate in a paper and sketching design exercise. 

Inclusive process

We co-design with partners that reflect the diversity of students and teachers in order to meet the needs of a wide range of learners. We anticipate that CISL users will vary in respect to ability, gender, race, comfort with technology, primary language, and many other factors. We welcome these differences in the design of our tools.

Want to get involved with CISL?

Whatever your interest, there's a way for you to get involved with the CISL project. Together we will transform the digital learning landscape so that everyone has a chance to engage in and succeed in digital learning.

Stay informed: Want to get project updates and find opportunities to participate? Sign up for the CAST Newsletter to get project updates.

Co-design with us: Are you part of a middle-school team in New England and want your students, especially those with disabilities, to impact learning software? Fill out our CISL Inquiry form and select co-design as your interest. We’ll be in touch to let you know how we can get started together.

Be an early adopter: Interested in being an early beta-tester in the spring of 2020? Fill out our CISL Inquiry form and select beta-testing as your interest. We’ll get back to you with how you can participate.


Co-designer students and teachers will have a say in the features, functions, and design of our software. As a co-designers, you and your students can:

Students will get first-hand experience being part of a software design and development team. The time commitment for co-designers may be in the range of 1-2 hours a month.

Contact us

Email Mia Gross at with inquiries.

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